Earthquake Literacy Game

Who are we ?

About Three60

Three60 Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has been established to offer state of the art technological solution to enable education through the use of technology, focused on access to education through the use of the most innovative and cost effective technological solutions. Three60 believes that technology alone does not constitute ICT integration. Correct ICT implementation should find a balance in technology, pedagogy, content and user.


The fact is that earthquake can happen anywhere at any time. And that can be a scary thought. But here is another fact: Better prepared you are, the safer you will be! Researches show that gamification has positive influence on educational engagement. Edquake uses texts, audios, videos, badges, quizzes, points, stories and characters to educate user on preparation for earthquake and decision making during and after earthquake.

Clean UI
Edquake’s beautiful UI allows user to start a new game, resume a game, change game settings (like sound and language) , submit their score to leaderboards and quit the application. It displays current user name and character selection along with all the badges that the user has won.
Game based Quiz Module
Engines have been setup to support quiz platform. Quizzes produce better organization of knowledge by helping the brain organize material in clusters to allow better retrieval. It also identifies gap in knowledge and lets people know what is learned and what is not.
Informative Fun Videos
Edquake features cool and fun videos which support a series of storytelling addressing to different type of circumstances and safety tips regarding the effects of earthquake.
Multi language Support
It currently supports two languages: English and Nepali which can be upgraded to other languages.
Badges and Social Media Sharing
Upon completion of a milestone badges are provided to users as an incentive to the players that makes the game more engaging and interesting. Similarly, it allows users to share and boast about their badges on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
Completion Certificate
EdQuake offers a certificate upon completion of the game as a gesture to congratulate the user for taking an initiation to become earthquake resilient.


Some screenshots from Edquake app

Introduction video

This video featured on the app provides a general introduction about Edquake Earthquake Literacy App.

Pre Earthquake Preparation video

“Prevention is always better than cure” The Pre Earthquake Preparation Video instructs things to note and take care incase of an earthquake emergency.


The video teaches you things that helps you better tackle the earthquake maladies.


The video instructs lessons about earthquake and preparedness in school.

Post earthquake

The video gives tips that helps to deal with the earthquake aftermath.

Introduction video